Sustainable Building Ideas

The advantages of building a custom home are endless, and one of those is the ability to implement green appliances and materials from the get-go. This makes you socially responsible and it usually ends up being more economical in the long-run too.

Sustainable buildings are healthy buildings for  both residents and the environment. Of […]

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Central East Austin – Neighborhood Profile

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Time Lapse Build by Verde Builders Group in East Austin

Watch a time lapse video of a Verde Builders Group project in East Austin!

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Gentrification….an Exciting Time for East Austin

East Austin gentrification is in full swing.  Regardless of political beliefs, the ethnic and economic composition of East Austin is steadily changing.  Revitalization projects encourage many an East Austin builder to construct new homes, increasing property values in the area and spurring economic growth.

Born of the segregation era, East Austin was home to black-only […]

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Top Benefits of a Custom Home

Instead of shopping around for a new home, why not build your dream home? An Austin custom home makes compromise a thing of the past, and will ensure you and your family get the most out of your living space. If you’re on the fence about the subject, here are the top benefits of […]

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Remodeling Vs Renovation

By Verde Builders Group

When we talk about remodeling vs renovation, it’s much more than semantics. To renovate means to get a room (or home) back into shape. To remodel means to fundamentally change it. Renovating a garage can mean installing tile, while remodeling it can mean turning it into a guest house. A good […]

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Radiant Barrier vs Insulation

By Verde Builders Group
What is Radiant Barrier?
Interested in saving money with an energy efficient home design? We can help you make your home wallet and eco-friendly! One way to save on energy is to install a radiant barrier. But before we dive into the “radiant barrier vs insulation” debate, let’s ask: what is radiant […]

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    Radiant Barrier Helps You Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Radiant Barrier Helps You Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

By Daniel Reeves, Owner, Verde Builders Group

In today’s economy, finding new ways to cut costs is no longer just for pennypinchers.  It’s for everybody!  People from all walks of life can benefit from an energy efficient home.  Not only do they get the peace of mind of knowing that their efforts are helping […]

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How to Find a Reliable Custom Home Builder in Austin

By Daniel Reeves, Owner, Verde Builders Group

Reliability and integrity are two qualities found in any good building company.  Being able to deliver results on time and in the condition promised are traits worth commending in this day and age.  With so many home builders in the marketplace, it’s hard to decide who to go […]

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