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The thought of designing and building a new custom home can seem daunting and overwhelming. Misconceptions and common myths of new custom home design give prospective homeowners the wrong idea about custom home building.

As one of the most trusted modern home builders in Austin, TX, we’re here to dispel some of the most common myths about custom home building.


Myth 1: Custom Designs from Home Builders in Austin TX Are More Expensive


When designing a new custom home, you have total control over all of the design decisions. You choose everything from how large the home and rooms will be, what materials are used, and all of the features and systems within your home.

What that means is that you control the costs throughout the design process of a new custom home. Verde Builders are home builders in Austin, Texas that have the experience and market knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your needs, preferences, and budget.


Myth 2: Construction of New Customs Homes Come with Hidden Costs


At Verde Builders, we are rated among the most respected custom homes builders Austin, TX loves. Our clients rely on us to remain honest, keeping our customers’ best interests in mind. Communication throughout the home building process is critical, and our experienced team of industry professionals will partner with you throughout the process and make sure you know the costs and any adjustments along the way.


Myth 3: Custom Home Owners Need to Know About Architecture, Design


You do not need to have a degree in architecture or vast experience in designing custom homes to know what you want for your new home. Your home builder will work with you to turn your concepts and features into a functional, cost-efficient physical design, using the latest in industry processes and techniques.


Myth 4: Building a New Custom Home is Bad for the Environment


From sustainable home construction materials to energy-efficient home operations systems, environmentally-friendly processes have become standard from custom home builders Austin homeowners rely on.

The goal of creating net-zero homes where the home is producing more energy than is used is more easily attainable when designing and building a house from the ground up. You choose the systems and functionality that will best serve your needs while helping environmental conservation efforts.


Myth 5: New Custom Home Construction Takes Too Long


Designing and building a custom home should take no longer than any other home build. In fact, the time it will take to design and build a custom home is largely up to you and the choices you make throughout the process. The faster you make the needed decisions of the design elements and features, the faster the entire process will go.


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New home construction of custom designs has become more accessible and affordable with recent advances in related technologies and processes. Contact the experienced, reliable home builders in Austin, TX at Verde Builders to have all your questions answered about the process of designing and building your new custom home.