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The New Year brought new personal resolutions that you may or may not have kept up with by now. You still have plenty of time to make good on some promises to make improvements to your home using the top home design trends for 2020 from qualified new home builders Austin relies on.

The world is a pretty crazy place as we enter the second decade of the 21st century. Many of the latest interior home design trends seem to go back to the basics with traditional and natural tones, colors, and styles. Modern advances in digital technology have made smart home features standard for custom home builders Austin trust. Wireless, remote, and voice-activated technology allow for devices and cables to be hidden. Homeowners can enjoy smart technology while maintaining minimalistic and traditional design styles.

Neutral Colors

For most people, life is busy enough as it is. Using neutral colors offers a classic, calming look with comforting undertones. Expect warmer neutral colors like grays and beiges being more popular than cooler, more colorful design choices. Warm neutrals are ideal for use on walls, furniture, and bedding.

Studies in Geometry

The use of simple geometric shapes and patterns has become more popular for Austin home builders in recent years. While everything from wallpaper and light fixtures to floor patterns and furniture can be adorned with different shapes, it can be overdone. As with other design elements in 2020, a toned-down presence of these design patterns will be seen with a more balanced approach. Living room areas with geometric light fixtures and throw pillows will add character and depth. Bathrooms with patterned floor and wall tiles contain less color and a milder overall approach.

Canopy Beds

Many of the 2020 design trends contain concepts and items that represent throwbacks to former trends. Canopy beds offer a classic, traditional look that harkens back to the past. Canopies can take up a lot of space, but in a bigger bedroom, they create a sense of luxury, style, and comfort.

Back to Nature

The desire for custom home builders Austin TX rely on to get back to the basics extends to bringing nature and nature-related themes providing comfort and serenity to the home. Natural woods and wood replications are popular materials for flooring. Natural greens and floral prints are popular for throw pillows, rugs, and even upholstery allows homeowners to get back to nature within the comforts of their home. Textures and colors throughout the home will see more earth tones to give the décor a more natural look.

Sustainable Materials

As the technology continues to advance, and the benefits and cost-saving features of using sustainable materials become more popular with home builders in Austin, Texas, designers have found creative ways to create homes that use less energy. Elements using sustainable and recycled materials are being incorporated into the overall design scheme to feature the home’s energy-saving capabilities.

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