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The holidays may be over, but the winter weather will still linger a little while longer. You can put on an extra sweater or bury yourself under blankets to stay warm. Or you can take a steaming hot shower or bath in your new bathroom spa. Large redesigns or smaller improvements and upgrades will give your bathroom that vacation spa-like feel is becoming more popular with new home builders Austin TX trust, offering a wide range of design options.

The following are some trending tips used by designers and new home builders in Austin, TX to help transform your old bathroom into a calming, spa-like luxury designed to warm your body and your soul.

Bathroom Spa Tips for Redesigns or New Home Construction Austin Trusts

If you are planning on redesigning your bathroom or for new home construction Austin relies on, there are design elements to consider that will give your bathroom the look and feel of a world-class spa.

Use Natural, Deep Colors and Textures

The classic look of a spa uses natural textures and materials. Calming stone walls and deep natural woods are common design elements used by custom homes builders Austin, TX for spa bathrooms. Darker, muted colors will present an air of serenity compared with louder, bright colors.

Separate Space for the Bathtub

Giving the tub a separate space away from the sink and other bathroom fixtures during new home construction Austin loves, will create a soothing atmosphere with a true feeling of getting away from it all. Using arched alcoves or installing a permanent or temporary divider will further separate the tub as a space of its own.

Install a Jacuzzi

If you have the space and budget to have home builders Round Rock, TX trusts install a Jacuzzi in your bathroom, it will create the ultimate spa experience. Jacuzzis provide the height of warmth and relaxation at the end of a long day.

Spa Upgrades and Accessories

There are also many things you can do to create your bathroom spa without the expense of a complete remodel.

Declutter Your Bathroom

It will be difficult to completely immerse yourself in the spa experience when your bathroom counters are full of product and your exposed shelves are overstocked. Find suitable storage out of sight and remove infrequently used items to store elsewhere in your house. Organize your medicine cabinets and make the best use possible of the space you have.

Get Back to Nature

Bring some of nature inside with potted plants on the floor, on countertops, and hanging from the ceiling. Live foliage has a calming effect and will make your bathroom look like a true spa.

Soften Things Up

The warm feeling of comfort should not end when you get out of the shower or tub. Big, fluffy towels are just the start. Add some luxury with a bathrobe, warm, fuzzy bath slippers, and extra-soft bathmats. Towel warmers are added features that you can usually get only at the most exclusive spas.

New Shower Head

Your showerhead is one of those items in your home that you do not realize needs replacing until you replace it. Then you wonder why you did not do it a long time ago. Today, there are many options to choose from to completely change your shower experience. Rainfall showerheads are all the rage and with good reason. Steam showers with glass shower doors offer as close to the spa treatment as you can get in your own home.

Bathroom Spas from New Home Builders Austin TX

For all of your design and redesign needs, Verde Builders is the custom homes builders Austin TX trusts to help create the bathroom spa of your dreams. Contact Verde Builders today for complete information.