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Getting your new home built by custom home builders in Austin Texas allows you to add in the features and amenities naturally and organically within the design.

Popular Features for Custom Home Builders in Austin Texas

1. Under the Cabinet Amenities

One of the greatest advantages custom homes builders Austin TX relies on is being able to take advantage of all available space. Tucking lights and power outlets underneath your kitchen cabinets offer additional lighting sources for cooking and cleaning. Needed power and USB outlets are conveniently hidden away in plain sight within the hub of your kitchen with easy access whenever you need to plug in a countertop appliance or charge your phone or tablet.

2. Stand Alone Bathtub

Designing and building a new custom home allows you to add small, luxurious items and features that enhance your daily life’s activities. Adding a classic stand-alone bathtub takes the relaxation of a hot bath to another level.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

The mild climate in central Texas throughout the year has residents spending more time outdoors and homeowners spending more time and money designing larger livable outdoor areas. Extended covered patios and multi-layered decks provide the space to host family and friends, or just enjoy a lazy afternoon in your back yard. Among the most popular amenities, custom home builders Austin TX rely on is the addition of a workable outdoor kitchen.

4. Smart Home Technology

Modern advancements in smart home technology make it easier and more affordable for Austin home builders to install systems in your custom home that are designed to provide futuristic conveniences, energy-saving, and security features. Most smart technology systems for the home can be remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet, meaning you can monitor the security, entertainment, temperature, and other home operating systems from the palm of your hand.

5. Walk-In Closets

You spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. Chances are good that you also spend a lot of money on dry cleaning and washing your more valuable clothing items. Setting aside some space to build in large, walk-in closets for the master bedroom will allow your clothes to breathe and hang properly while keeping all of your clothing organized and displayed for easy access.

6. Upstairs Laundry Room

Having to bring your dirty then clean laundry up and down the stairs may not be that big of a deal, especially if you have a laundry chute. Add a couple of kids, and the thought of going up and down the stairs with laundry daily is more daunting. A popular feature for new custom home builders in Austin Texas is to add in a secondary laundry room upstairs to make the chore less taxing.

7. Mudroom

An additional, small room that serves as a secondary entryway is a popular feature custom home builders Round Rock TX construct to store shoes and coats. It allows you, your family, and visitors the chance to remove wet outer clothing before entering the main part of the house. It typically does not have to take up a lot of space and can save your flooring and furniture from getting wet and dirty.

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