Modern Farmhouse Austin

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East Austin Modern Farmhouse by Verde Builders Custom Homes®

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Find the Modern Farmhouse of Your Dreams with Verde Builders

If you’re in the market for a home with elegance, charm and beautiful finishing touches, look no further than custom Austin homes from Verde Builders Custom Homes.

We pride ourselves on building custom homes filled with all the luxury items our clients demand. Take our East Austin Modern Farmhouse, for example.

This model farmhouse is an elegant ode to the warm feeling of home with all of the luxury details homeowners have come to expect from Verde Builders Custom Homes.

Take a look around and tell us what the home of your dreams looks like!

The Modern Farmhouse Masters in Austin TX

At Verde Builders Custom Homes, we create custom builds that offer all the charm of Austin with the delightful finishes you require.

Our East Austin Modern Farmhouse experience starts at the front door, with an entry portico flanking a black front entry door. On the two-car garage located at the front of the home, we included barn-style doors and ornate lamp holders that mix the comfort of the farm with the delicate touch of luxury.

Once inside, revel in the beauty of hardwood flooring that stretches from the entryway throughout the home. At Verde Builders Custom Homes, we know small details go a long way to satisfying our customers. That’s why we believe our modern farmhouses simply outclass the competitors.

Throughout the home, we have included barn-style doors that slide on a rail. This hyper-fashionable design gives you and your family a rustic feel, while the ornate black design on the doors keeps luxury in mind.

Your Kitchen Will Be Your Centerpiece

The life of a modern farmhouse in Austin, Texas, revolves around the kitchen, and your Verde Builders Custom Home will be no different.

Our modern kitchens are eye-popping showpieces that will make you the envy of your neighborhood get-togethers. In our East Austin Modern Farmhouse, marvel over the stunning black cabinets and appliances that perfectly pop next to glittering white countertops.

The spacious kitchen area gives you and your family a perfect space to come together and recharge after another beautiful day in Austin.

This kitchen also includes a wide basin sink that gives you plenty of room to work. The island countertop gives you command of the room and plenty of space for you and your family to chat and share a meal.

The rest of the kitchen area comes perfectly appointed with a state-of-the-art oven and stovetop with a range hood. The additional countertops include plenty of space for your appliances.

Exposed Beams Make the Living Room Pop

Don’t just stay in the kitchen! Our model home gives you a sweeping vista of the beautiful and spacious living room that could be your family’s hub.

The centerpieces of the living room are the beautiful black wooden beams that offset the lovely white walls and ceilings. With so much luxury at hand, you may forget you are simply sitting on your couch.

Our model living room includes a fireplace for your family to gather on a chilly winter day in Austin. Just above it, an intricate, hand-carved mantle provides a touch of elegance to the space that other homes would be hard pressed to match.

For your guests, our living rooms will be the nexus of your social gatherings and space where you can live and love with your closest friends and family members.

On either side of the fireplace are two large built-in cabinets to hold your cherished mementos. With a mix of luxury, charm and a human touch, our modern farmhouse gives you the space to make a house a home.

Make Your Great Escape in our Luxurious Bathrooms

After you’ve marveled at the magisterial kitchen and living room, take a trip to the well-appointed bathrooms, which are packed with the luxury you crave.

In the master bathroom, an elegant basin bathtub gives you the feeling you’ve stepped into the spa. The addition of chandeliers helps you make your private moments that much more relaxing and calming.

Our model home’s bathrooms come with stunning subway tiling on the floors and latticework ivory backsplashes that catch the eye.

The sinks include elegant chrome handles that help your vanity stand out. Beautiful countertops round out the bathroom with even more luxury.

In the shower, beautiful tiling and spacious surrounds give you the room you need to pamper yourself. Our stylish ensconced toiletry shelf provides an elegant appearance with welcome utility.

The bathrooms in our model home truly give you and your family everything you need to feel comfortable.

Finally, for the married couples out there, our model master bathroom includes his and hers vanities so you can enjoy your time together with some space to begin and end the day.

With all of these touches in your bathroom, we truly have designed your dream modern farmhouse in Austin, Texas.

Fill your Modern Farmhouse in Austin TX with Touches of Your Own

Along with the luxurious bathrooms and living spaces, our model home includes wide walk-in closets and beautiful bedrooms that are begging for your personal touch.

Our homes are built to the highest standards with room for you to leave your mark. We call them custom builds for a reason.

At Verde Builders Custom Homes, we believe that a house is not a home until it is lived in. With our modern farmhouses in Austin, Texas, we provide an unmatched foundation of luxury and class for you to truly create the home of your dreams.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say about all the work we put into making their Austin homes a part of their lives for years to come.

With our model modern farmhouse, our team invites you to imagine yourself living in the style you deserve. If you’re looking for a modern farmhouse in Austin, there are few options better than what Verde Builders Custom Homes can provide.

If you’re interested in creating the modern farmhouse of your dreams, contact our team today.