Located near the center of everything, boasting beautiful green spaces, culture and art, Tarrytown is perfect for those who want the best they can get without having to leave Austin.

And there’s plenty of reasons to love the neighborhood. In Tarrytown, everyone runs into familiar faces. Whether you’re out jogging or getting something from the Tarrytown Pharmacy, you’re bound to see the friendly faces of a tight community of neighbours. By the way, that pharmacy you just read about opened up a day before Pearl Harbor happened, and it’s the oldest in Austin!

 The great part about Tarrytown is that you have plenty of things to do in one of the safest and most exclusive neighborhoods in Austin. If you golf, you will love the 18 holes at Lions Municipal Golf Course, and if you like taking walks through nature, Mayfield Preserve is waiting, packed with deer, peacocks and other animals that actually live there. 

Tarrytown is situated really close to downtown, where you can enjoy the entertainment and distinguished fine dining that Austin has to offer. For those who enjoy high end shopping experiences, the neighborhood is filled with haute boutiques and specialty stores. 

Sundays in Tarrytown are ideal, and are filled with picturesque walks through Reed Park, where residents can go for a bike ride or a picnic with their families. The neighborhood is well known for its scenery and weather, making each walk a special one. This is the perfect place for families and individuals looking for excellence without having to be far from the action. The real estate is nothing short of impressive. Luxury home builders in Austin flood the streets with magnificent houses and incredible views. Filled with historic and extravagant homes with luxurious gardens, Tarrytown is more than just a neighborhood- it’s an experience.