Efficiency is the best way to describe the design trends for 2019 custom homes in the last year. Energy-saving design elements with open floor plans and more traditional room accents reflect the simplicity and comfort today’s homeowners seek.

The following are some of the popular trends Austin home builders like Verde Builders have seen.

Eco-Friendly Designs

New custom home designs in 2019 focused more than ever on eco-friendly designs with energy-saving materials and smart home systems. The goal of constructing net-zero homes that produce more energy for the home than it uses is becoming a standard for new custom homes throughout the country.

From sustainable, secure exterior walls to energy-efficient HVAC and other systems, the materials and processes for the construction of eco-friendly new custom homes are becoming more accessible and more affordable to build and maintain.

Custom designs by home builders in Austin included more energy-efficient appliances, electronics, lighting, and window and doors that look great, fit in with the overall design style and character, and save homeowners on monthly utility bills.

Smart Home Technology

Recent technological advances in today’s digital age have seen a significant increase in the use of smart technology for improvements and upgrades throughout the home, including security systems, appliances, temperature control, entertainment systems, and motorized shades.

Smart home technology allows for remote access to control all the systems in your home, offering convenience, comfort, and noticeable savings on the operational costs of your home.

Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan brings several rooms together, typically combining the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas into one major hub. This allows for a more fluid environment for entertaining and gathering of family and friends.

The use of glass partitions and doors maintains an open look while providing a bit of definition and privacy to the room.

Home Office Upgrades

Telecommuting and working from home is becoming more popular in businesses across the country every year, and home designers in 2019 took notice. The need for custom home builders Austin, TX provides to create offices and workspaces in the home has led to broader options for home desks, accessories, and other office furniture and features. Exposed brick, wood floors and accents, and industrial lighting options are some popular trends as the living and working spaces have more frequently become combined into homes.

Black Kitchen Colors, Accents

Home design professionals and Austin custom home builders are seeing a return to using black throughout the kitchen for cabinets, range hoods, and accents throughout the room. Black cabinets are contrasted with white walls and countertops to offer an appealing contrast for a modern, simplistic look that parents with younger children and pets can also find to be practical. Black paint hides scuff marks and other messes and is also easier to touch up.

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