“We recently bought a custom-built house in the East Side from Verde Builders and from day 1, our experience with Daniel & his team has been absolutely amazing: very professional, fast, friendly & knowledgeable. Can’t be happier & can’t recommend more!”

“I recently purchased a home by Verde Builders. The unique design, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are clearly a notch above their competition. Our inspection came back with glowing reviews. It is apparent how well this home was constructed.

They also stand by their work and support future owners of their homes. My insurance company was asking for some complicated documentation to be completed by the builder, and they were more than happy to take the time and fill it out.”

“First of all, you’re obviously getting a great home. The pictures say that much. The true pleasure is working with Daniel Reeves. With any questions or concerns, Daniel is quick to reply. He customized our home for our dogs prior to purchasing – Something I imagine most builders could not be bothered with. He’s been in our front yard in 90 degree sunshine feeding fish tape through our underground cable piping and just this week was out in the rain troubleshooting our gate after a long day of work. He stands by his product and will continue to work with you several months after purchase. Great home, better guy.”

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience working with Verde Builders and their team. There are only so many times in life when you have the opportunity to design your dream house and to be a part of the process ensuring it turns out exactly as you want. For anyone who shares this dream, I can think of no better partner than Daniel Reeves and his team at Verde.

Daniel encouraged me to be a part of the development process. His team was knowledgeable, guided me, and explained what I should consider when a decision needed to be made. I wanted to be involved in every decision and my involvement made the entire experience extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Seeing the vision come to life was so enjoyable and exciting.

What makes Daniel special is he takes pride in his work and does not cut cost or sacrifice quality. He uses only the highest quality materials to ensure his homes build real value for the homeowner. The flooring (polished cement and real wood), custom doors, cabinetry, and landscaping (Daniel built me a custom vegetable garden with drip irrigation) are just a few examples. His houses do not feel like replicas of other projects. They feel like unique first-class homes.

I decided to write this assessment because I truly thoroughly enjoyed the process working with Verde Builders. It was very much a fulfilling experience for me. Now after moving in to my home, I am enjoying living here more than I could have ever imagined. My relationship with Daniel and Verde was and continues to be a real pleasure and joy.”


Shane Pavonetti Pavonetti Architecture

“We worked with Verde on a complex project with an out of town owner. Verde was very flexible during construction and consistently worked through multiple changes and updates to build the best possible home for the owner. In the end we were happy, the home owner was happy and Verde built a beautiful home.”

“Daniel & Team was polite and professional from the first call to closing. It’s clear that Verde takes the time to build a quality new build home & stands behind the work in case something pops up afterward missed through normal inspection. There are many builders throwing up homes in the Austin area given the booming market but you will be hard pressed to find a better quality builder than Daniel due due their attention to detail and service experience before / after the purchase of for most people the largest purchase of their life so its critical you choose the right partner in that journey & Daniel is the right choice!”


Are you looking to design and build a state-of-the-art, custom home that fits your dreams?

Verde Builders is the #1 destination for custom built homes in Austin, Texas. For many years, we have worked with thousands of clients to ensure the production of exceptional homes for both buyers and realtors.

Our mission is simple. We are devoted to ensuring the efficient manufacture of your dream home. Our versatile team, backed by our solid relationships with Austin’s finest craftsmen and contractors, will give you the opportunity to receive an extraordinary finished product that you want and are proud of.

If you possess a desire to move forward with the construction of your luxury home, please don’t hesitate to contact a Verde Builders Team Member for assistance. Otherwise, here are some ways of why Verde Builders is the top producer for exemplary, custom homes in Austin, Texas.

Verde Builders Custom Homes® is a family owned, award winning luxury builder in Austin since 2009. Our team offers expertise in land acquisition, architectural design, pre-construction management, interior design and construction.

Our carefully selected team work closely together to bring each client’s dream to life in the custom homes we build.  We believe it is our focus on integrity, efficiency, quality and value that distinguishes us from other builders.  We work hard to listen, welcome new ideas and provide a positive custom home building experience.

The city of Austin, Texas is known for a wide range of things. One of our favorite themes of this city we call home is the architecture. From modest, ranch-style homes to more modern abodes, the residential scene in Austin is surely one to behold.

As the leading custom home builder in Austin, OUR GOAL is to create visually aesthetic homes which are not only compatible with our clients’ wishes but is to also complementary to our beautiful city as well. For this reason, we are both theorists and practitioners of diverse architectural principles and styles. Regardless of the style, you’re looking for, our team will pour in their knowledge and expertise in designing the home that’s right for you.

What’s more is that we pay careful attention to your design, while offering constructive advice and criticism into its practicability. While we will do our best to bring your beautiful design to life, but we will also give you a cost-benefit analysis that will inform you of your best options.

All in all, when you’re ready to move forward with your design, you can confidently put us to work knowing that we sufficiently possess the background knowledge and vocational skills to morph your design into an equivalent home of your dreams.

Once you decide to work with us, one of our main objectives is to keep you involved and informed throughout the building process. Our internal team of craftsmen, contractors, and staff will supply you with relevant information that relates to our core processes, our progress, and how you can build a home that is ideal for you and your family.

We realize that many of our clients have a premature idea of how the custom home building process works. As a result, we have seen countless blueprint designs that can be duly implemented but are in need of assistance to truly be designed in a suitable home.

Upon the first contact, we will give you a few OUTSIDE TIPS on the best strategies to ensure the production of a high-quality home. Our team’s goal is to educate you so you actually understand how your home will be built to your exact specifications.

Without this information, it would be difficult to give you the home you’re looking for. Give us an idea of your design today so we can determine how we can transform it into your dream home!

When you think New Home Construction, think Verde Builders.  There is a lot that goes into New Home Construction, and we are here to make the process seamless for you. Building a New Home can be a stressful, anxious undertaking, but we make certain that we deliver an enjoyable experience in the building of your New Dream Home

We know that when you invest in New Home Construction you are investing in the future of your family and we promise to deliver the highest quality and innovation in your new home construction project as well as reliable customer service. We have crafted several timeless homes in some of the most prominent neighborhoods of Austin TX. At Verde Builders Custom Homes, we have earned an enviable reputation for high quality

Know that we are more than just a regular New Homebuilder; We take care of more than just cumbersome processes for you such as:

  • Planning: what can you build?
  • Contractor: choosing the best contractor for you that is properly licensed.
  • Permits: making sure all needed permits have been acquired.

But we are also innovators in design and personalization.

We build new homes that reflect your uniqueness and personal style. We offer a personal New Home building experience that is more collaborative than you can imagine. We like to push the boundaries of what is possible in new homebuilding construction.

As a reliable luxury New Homebuilder in Austin TX, we offer One of a Kind Home Designs and our reputation for high quality is well known. We take great pride in every home we build.

We view each project as your work of art and take great pride in the details and using innovative building techniques, which can include our SmartHouse design. We craft each home as if it is for one of us.

We want to bring your dream to life while simultaneously upholding high-quality standards of innovation and design. Our team is dedicated to you, our clients, with one-on-one service and meticulous attention to detail.

With every New Home Construction, you have a team dedicated to helping you, our clients, after closing.  We make it easy for you; just go online complete your work order form, and one of our team members will respond in 24 hours.

Verde Builders also provides a 2-year fit and finish protection and a 10-year structural warranty. We believe that New Homebuilding Construction reputations are built on customer service after the sale.  Feel free to read through our sample warranty.

Please visit our testimonials section. We are certain that after reading our client testimonials you will know why we are the most reliable New Luxury Home Builder and why we have earned an enviable reputation for high quality in the Austin, TX area.

Thank you for visiting Verde Builders, we are here to answer any questions, please call us at 512-653-2522 or fill out our online form and we will follow up with you.



Whether you already have an established design for your future home, or if you will need some help with this process, please contact us today to receive more information and assistance from our world-class team. We look forward to speaking with you.