7 Must-Have Features for Your Austin Custom Home

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Getting your new home built by custom home builders in Austin Texas allows you to add in the features and amenities naturally and organically within the design.

Popular Features for Custom Home Builders in Austin Texas

1. Under the Cabinet Amenities

One of the greatest advantages custom homes builders Austin TX relies on is being able to take advantage of all available space. Tucking lights and power outlets underneath your kitchen cabinets offer additional lighting sources for cooking and cleaning. Needed power and USB outlets are conveniently hidden away in plain sight within the hub of your kitchen with easy access whenever you need to plug in a countertop appliance or charge your phone or tablet.

2. Stand Alone Bathtub

Designing and building a new custom home allows you to add small, luxurious items and features that enhance your daily life’s activities. Adding a classic stand-alone bathtub takes the relaxation of a hot bath to another level.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

The mild climate in central Texas throughout the year has residents spending more time outdoors and homeowners spending more time and money designing larger livable outdoor areas. Extended covered patios and multi-layered decks provide the space to host family and friends, or just enjoy a lazy afternoon in your back yard. Among the most popular amenities, custom home builders Austin TX rely on is the addition of a workable outdoor kitchen.

4. Smart Home Technology

Modern advancements in smart home technology make it easier and more affordable for Austin home builders to install systems in your custom home that are designed to provide futuristic conveniences, energy-saving, and security features. Most smart technology systems for the home can be remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet, meaning you can monitor the security, entertainment, temperature, and other home operating systems from the palm of your hand.

5. Walk-In Closets

You spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. Chances are good that you also spend a lot of money on dry cleaning and washing your more valuable clothing items. Setting aside some space to build in large, walk-in closets for the master bedroom will allow your clothes to breathe and hang properly while keeping all of your clothing organized and displayed for easy access.

6. Upstairs Laundry Room

Having to bring your dirty then clean laundry up and down the stairs may not be that big of a deal, especially if you have a laundry chute. Add a couple of kids, and the thought of going up and down the stairs with laundry daily is more daunting. A popular feature for new custom home builders in Austin Texas is to add in a secondary laundry room upstairs to make the chore less taxing.

7. Mudroom

An additional, small room that serves as a secondary entryway is a popular feature custom home builders Round Rock TX construct to store shoes and coats. It allows you, your family, and visitors the chance to remove wet outer clothing before entering the main part of the house. It typically does not have to take up a lot of space and can save your flooring and furniture from getting wet and dirty.

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Most Important Rooms in the House

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When it comes to the resale value of your home, not all rooms carry equal weight to prospective home buyers and the overall assessment of the house. The two most important rooms to homeowners and new home builders in Austin, TX are the kitchen and the master bathroom.

It is worth exploring why these two rooms are so crucial when it comes to resale value and new home construction Austin sees more of every year.

Why Do Custom Homes Builders Austin TX Trust Focus on the Kitchen?

The kitchen is the center of most homes. It is where the family gathers to cook, to eat, and to visit. The advancements and popularity of smart home technology have changed the way Austin custom home builders design and construct modern kitchens. New kitchens require all of the latest conveniences, smart appliances, and features.

Kitchens with the highest resale value also use the highest quality materials for the flooring, countertops, stainless steel appliances, and cabinetry. The design should complement the décor of the rest of the house while providing a functional flow for cooking and cleaning up.

Among other considerations to increase the value of the kitchen include:

  • Refinish cabinetry
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Upgrade to smart appliances
  • Install new lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED bulbs
  • New, energy-saving faucets and sink fixtures

Kitchens have slowly become the new living room. Families and visitors can spend hours in the kitchen, never making it to the living room couch. It feels comfortable and social. Design trends have leaned into the notion of the kitchen being a gathering space, adding more seating options, and more of a concentration on workflow patterns and functional accessibility.

Why Is the Master Bathroom Important to Homeowners and Austin Custom Home Builders?

After the kitchen, the master bedroom is the space most prospective home buyers head to when looking at the home for the first time. The look and functionality of the master bedroom are crucial in determining its worth to the resale value of the home.

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It is typically where the day begins and ends. Spacious areas, high-quality materials for countertops and flooring, and luxury amenities like spa tubs, rainfall showerheads, and heated toilet seats add to the bathroom experience and increase the home’s overall value.

What About the Outside?

While not technically considered a room, custom home builders often design and construct exterior spaces. Decks, patios, pools, fireplaces, and even outdoor kitchens are common in warmer climates like central Texas, where residents enjoy spending time outdoors more often than throughout the year.

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Steps to Plan Your Outdoor Living Space Design

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Residents in central Texas enjoy great weather and mild temperatures throughout the year, and home builders in Round Rock, TX create outdoor living space designs to take advantage of the great outdoors all year long. Ordinary back yards can be transformed into a completely separate entertainment area from the home, or a personal sanctuary to get away from the world.

Homeowners and new home builders in Austin TX do not go into the design process lightly. It is an important element of the home, and decisions regarding the design and construction can have a lasting impact on the potential for the space and the overall resale value of the home.

Outdoor Design Planning Steps for Home Builders Round Rock TX

If you are a homeowner looking to renovate your backyard or a new custom home buyer in the design stage to build on your lot Austin property, the following steps to take along the way will help you get the features and amenities you want.

Dream Big

Think of it in terms of a creative process. Dream big and think of the things you would want in your ideal backyard situation as if money, space, and availability were no objects. It will then be easier to scale down and adjust to variables like space constraints, regulatory obstacles, and budget limitations.

Know the Space

Take full stock on the property and space. Make note of the permanent and moveable structures and foliage, which areas get sunlight and which do not, and other notable features of the yard that will affect the design specifics.

Know the Rules

Becoming familiar with the local regulations and codes will avoid future issues for you and the home builders Austin TX homeowners rely on. Discovering irregularities late in the process will cost time and money. Worse yet, if they are not discovered until after the job is complete, you may have to tear it all down and start again, that is after you pay the fines.

Write Down a Plan

It is insufficient to simply have a plan in mind without actually writing it down on paper. This simple visualization will help give an overview of the project and adjust it and expand it from there. Proper entryways and pathways can be placed and changed as needed to form a logical flow to the entire area.

Pools and spas, fire pits, seating areas, and outdoor kitchen equipment should be strategically placed into the plan with proper dimensions and scale.

Looking At It From the Inside Out

Even with as much time as may be spent outside in the new spaces, the view from the inside is as important as the look and functionality of the yard itself. The view from windows and patio doors forms the scenic wallpaper of the home and helps to define the character and style of the home.

Custom Home Builders Austin Trusts for Exterior Design

Verde Builders Group is an eco-friendly custom home builders Austin residents have relied on for decades for the process of designing a dynamic and functional outdoor living space. Contact the respected home builders Round Rock TX homeowners trust today.

Tips for Creating a Bathroom Spa

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The holidays may be over, but the winter weather will still linger a little while longer. You can put on an extra sweater or bury yourself under blankets to stay warm. Or you can take a steaming hot shower or bath in your new bathroom spa. Large redesigns or smaller improvements and upgrades will give your bathroom that vacation spa-like feel is becoming more popular with new home builders Austin TX trust, offering a wide range of design options.

The following are some trending tips used by designers and new home builders in Austin, TX to help transform your old bathroom into a calming, spa-like luxury designed to warm your body and your soul.

Bathroom Spa Tips for Redesigns or New Home Construction Austin Trusts

If you are planning on redesigning your bathroom or for new home construction Austin relies on, there are design elements to consider that will give your bathroom the look and feel of a world-class spa.

Use Natural, Deep Colors and Textures

The classic look of a spa uses natural textures and materials. Calming stone walls and deep natural woods are common design elements used by custom homes builders Austin, TX for spa bathrooms. Darker, muted colors will present an air of serenity compared with louder, bright colors.

Separate Space for the Bathtub

Giving the tub a separate space away from the sink and other bathroom fixtures during new home construction Austin loves, will create a soothing atmosphere with a true feeling of getting away from it all. Using arched alcoves or installing a permanent or temporary divider will further separate the tub as a space of its own.

Install a Jacuzzi

If you have the space and budget to have home builders Round Rock, TX trusts install a Jacuzzi in your bathroom, it will create the ultimate spa experience. Jacuzzis provide the height of warmth and relaxation at the end of a long day.

Spa Upgrades and Accessories

There are also many things you can do to create your bathroom spa without the expense of a complete remodel.

Declutter Your Bathroom

It will be difficult to completely immerse yourself in the spa experience when your bathroom counters are full of product and your exposed shelves are overstocked. Find suitable storage out of sight and remove infrequently used items to store elsewhere in your house. Organize your medicine cabinets and make the best use possible of the space you have.

Get Back to Nature

Bring some of nature inside with potted plants on the floor, on countertops, and hanging from the ceiling. Live foliage has a calming effect and will make your bathroom look like a true spa.

Soften Things Up

The warm feeling of comfort should not end when you get out of the shower or tub. Big, fluffy towels are just the start. Add some luxury with a bathrobe, warm, fuzzy bath slippers, and extra-soft bathmats. Towel warmers are added features that you can usually get only at the most exclusive spas.

New Shower Head

Your showerhead is one of those items in your home that you do not realize needs replacing until you replace it. Then you wonder why you did not do it a long time ago. Today, there are many options to choose from to completely change your shower experience. Rainfall showerheads are all the rage and with good reason. Steam showers with glass shower doors offer as close to the spa treatment as you can get in your own home.

Bathroom Spas from New Home Builders Austin TX

For all of your design and redesign needs, Verde Builders is the custom homes builders Austin TX trusts to help create the bathroom spa of your dreams. Contact Verde Builders today for complete information.

Top Home Design Trends for 2020

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The New Year brought new personal resolutions that you may or may not have kept up with by now. You still have plenty of time to make good on some promises to make improvements to your home using the top home design trends for 2020 from qualified new home builders Austin relies on.

The world is a pretty crazy place as we enter the second decade of the 21st century. Many of the latest interior home design trends seem to go back to the basics with traditional and natural tones, colors, and styles. Modern advances in digital technology have made smart home features standard for custom home builders Austin trust. Wireless, remote, and voice-activated technology allow for devices and cables to be hidden. Homeowners can enjoy smart technology while maintaining minimalistic and traditional design styles.

Neutral Colors

For most people, life is busy enough as it is. Using neutral colors offers a classic, calming look with comforting undertones. Expect warmer neutral colors like grays and beiges being more popular than cooler, more colorful design choices. Warm neutrals are ideal for use on walls, furniture, and bedding.

Studies in Geometry

The use of simple geometric shapes and patterns has become more popular for Austin home builders in recent years. While everything from wallpaper and light fixtures to floor patterns and furniture can be adorned with different shapes, it can be overdone. As with other design elements in 2020, a toned-down presence of these design patterns will be seen with a more balanced approach. Living room areas with geometric light fixtures and throw pillows will add character and depth. Bathrooms with patterned floor and wall tiles contain less color and a milder overall approach.

Canopy Beds

Many of the 2020 design trends contain concepts and items that represent throwbacks to former trends. Canopy beds offer a classic, traditional look that harkens back to the past. Canopies can take up a lot of space, but in a bigger bedroom, they create a sense of luxury, style, and comfort.

Back to Nature

The desire for custom home builders Austin TX rely on to get back to the basics extends to bringing nature and nature-related themes providing comfort and serenity to the home. Natural woods and wood replications are popular materials for flooring. Natural greens and floral prints are popular for throw pillows, rugs, and even upholstery allows homeowners to get back to nature within the comforts of their home. Textures and colors throughout the home will see more earth tones to give the décor a more natural look.

Sustainable Materials

As the technology continues to advance, and the benefits and cost-saving features of using sustainable materials become more popular with home builders in Austin, Texas, designers have found creative ways to create homes that use less energy. Elements using sustainable and recycled materials are being incorporated into the overall design scheme to feature the home’s energy-saving capabilities.

Verde Builders the Best of New Home Builders Austin Trust

The industry professionals at Verde Builders are the best of the home builders in Austin, Texas. We keep up with the very latest interior design trends to create modern, luxury homes. Contact Verde Builders and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives today.

Top 2019 Custom Home Design Trends

Efficiency is the best way to describe the design trends for 2019 custom homes in the last year. Energy-saving design elements with open floor plans and more traditional room accents reflect the simplicity and comfort today’s homeowners seek.

The following are some of the popular trends Austin home builders like Verde Builders have seen.

Eco-Friendly Designs

New custom home designs in 2019 focused more than ever on eco-friendly designs with energy-saving materials and smart home systems. The goal of constructing net-zero homes that produce more energy for the home than it uses is becoming a standard for new custom homes throughout the country.

From sustainable, secure exterior walls to energy-efficient HVAC and other systems, the materials and processes for the construction of eco-friendly new custom homes are becoming more accessible and more affordable to build and maintain.

Custom designs by home builders in Austin included more energy-efficient appliances, electronics, lighting, and window and doors that look great, fit in with the overall design style and character, and save homeowners on monthly utility bills.

Smart Home Technology

Recent technological advances in today’s digital age have seen a significant increase in the use of smart technology for improvements and upgrades throughout the home, including security systems, appliances, temperature control, entertainment systems, and motorized shades.

Smart home technology allows for remote access to control all the systems in your home, offering convenience, comfort, and noticeable savings on the operational costs of your home.

Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan brings several rooms together, typically combining the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas into one major hub. This allows for a more fluid environment for entertaining and gathering of family and friends.

The use of glass partitions and doors maintains an open look while providing a bit of definition and privacy to the room.

Home Office Upgrades

Telecommuting and working from home is becoming more popular in businesses across the country every year, and home designers in 2019 took notice. The need for custom home builders Austin, TX provides to create offices and workspaces in the home has led to broader options for home desks, accessories, and other office furniture and features. Exposed brick, wood floors and accents, and industrial lighting options are some popular trends as the living and working spaces have more frequently become combined into homes.

Black Kitchen Colors, Accents

Home design professionals and Austin custom home builders are seeing a return to using black throughout the kitchen for cabinets, range hoods, and accents throughout the room. Black cabinets are contrasted with white walls and countertops to offer an appealing contrast for a modern, simplistic look that parents with younger children and pets can also find to be practical. Black paint hides scuff marks and other messes and is also easier to touch up.

Austin Home Builders Austin, TX

To make sure you take advantage of the latest time and money-saving trends for your custom home design, contact the respected home builders Austin TX trust at Verde Builders today.

5 Common Myths of New Custom Home Design

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The thought of designing and building a new custom home can seem daunting and overwhelming. Misconceptions and common myths of new custom home design give prospective homeowners the wrong idea about custom home building.

As one of the most trusted modern home builders in Austin, TX, we’re here to dispel some of the most common myths about custom home building.


Myth 1: Custom Designs from Home Builders in Austin TX Are More Expensive


When designing a new custom home, you have total control over all of the design decisions. You choose everything from how large the home and rooms will be, what materials are used, and all of the features and systems within your home.

What that means is that you control the costs throughout the design process of a new custom home. Verde Builders are home builders in Austin, Texas that have the experience and market knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your needs, preferences, and budget.


Myth 2: Construction of New Customs Homes Come with Hidden Costs


At Verde Builders, we are rated among the most respected custom homes builders Austin, TX loves. Our clients rely on us to remain honest, keeping our customers’ best interests in mind. Communication throughout the home building process is critical, and our experienced team of industry professionals will partner with you throughout the process and make sure you know the costs and any adjustments along the way.


Myth 3: Custom Home Owners Need to Know About Architecture, Design


You do not need to have a degree in architecture or vast experience in designing custom homes to know what you want for your new home. Your home builder will work with you to turn your concepts and features into a functional, cost-efficient physical design, using the latest in industry processes and techniques.


Myth 4: Building a New Custom Home is Bad for the Environment


From sustainable home construction materials to energy-efficient home operations systems, environmentally-friendly processes have become standard from custom home builders Austin homeowners rely on.

The goal of creating net-zero homes where the home is producing more energy than is used is more easily attainable when designing and building a house from the ground up. You choose the systems and functionality that will best serve your needs while helping environmental conservation efforts.


Myth 5: New Custom Home Construction Takes Too Long


Designing and building a custom home should take no longer than any other home build. In fact, the time it will take to design and build a custom home is largely up to you and the choices you make throughout the process. The faster you make the needed decisions of the design elements and features, the faster the entire process will go.


Custom Homes Builder, Austin TX – Verde Builders


New home construction of custom designs has become more accessible and affordable with recent advances in related technologies and processes. Contact the experienced, reliable home builders in Austin, TX at Verde Builders to have all your questions answered about the process of designing and building your new custom home.




Custom Homes Builders Help Celebrities Maintain Lifestyle with Sustainable Construction

Technological advances and a societal focus on environmental factors have made building eco-friendly homes fashionable and more affordable. Celebrities working with top custom homes builders are discovering ways to maintain their lush lifestyles while creating net-zero luxury homes that produce more energy than they use.

Bryan Cranston, Ed Begley Jr., Lisa Ling, and Leonardo DiCaprio are among the famous Americans who have championed the use of eco-friendly custom home builders to construct dream homes that have implemented energy-saving systems without compromising their comfort for sustainability.

Verde Home Builders uses these same techniques new home builders Austin TX rely on to save money on monthly energy bills while still getting the custom home of their dreams.

Eco-Friendly Construction Tips Used by Custom Home Builders

Eco-friendly television and movie stars bring valuable attention to the use of sustainable materials and systems to construct custom luxury homes. The industry professionals at Verde Home Builders will employ the same methods to build on your lot and achieve net-zero energy sustainability.

The following is a sampling of some of the most popular and effective eco-friendly construction and operation systems used by celebrities.

Sustainable, Reusable Materials

When Lisa Ling and her husband, Paul Song, tore down an existing home to build their new custom dream house, they used the materials from the old structure, resulting in a 100% diversion rate. The old roof was resurfaced and re-purposed for hardwood flooring, and anything that was not reused was donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Constructing custom luxury homes using thick concrete foundations creates an effective barrier that controls interior temperature fluctuations and airflow. This sturdy, lasting structural base protects the home from extreme weather conditions while allowing any exterior design choices to remain intact.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is a common thread among celebrities building their dream homes. Solar panels mounted on the roof supply all the electricity needed throughout the home. Residents in central Texas see the same type of savings with new home construction Austin relies on from the experts at Verde Home Builders.

Rainwater Collection

Cranston and Begley Jr. are two celebrities who take full advantage of rainwater that falls on their luxury homes. Rainwater harvesting barrels and tanks collect the water to be used for laundry, cleaning, and other household uses. In addition to saving on monthly water bills, rainwater collection systems also reduce flood risks and significantly reduce the need for groundwater on the property. Begley Jr. makes use of a 10,000-gallon water collection tank that is used for everything from irrigation to doing the laundry.

Custom Homes Builders Use Eco-Friendly Systems of the Stars

We live in an age where energy-saving systems are becoming standard in the custom home building industry. Celebrities have done a lot to raise awareness of eco-friendly custom home builders’ methods for building luxury homes that produce more energy than they use. Verde Home Builders are highly respected new home builders Austin, TX trusts to supply the same energy-saving systems that the stars use.

Verde Builders Eco-Friendly Design

Verde Builders Eco-Friendly Design

Three converging factors came together as home builders Austin area residents began relying on eco-friendly design choices.

  1. Technological advances made energy-saving construction options more accessible and more affordable.
  2. Societal trends moved toward accepting ecological concerns and making actionable changes in approaches to homebuilding and operations that benefited the environment.
  3. Energy conservation efforts at home saw significant savings in heating and cooling costs over time.

Smart home builders in Austin began incorporating cost-effective, eco-friendly design elements into residential construction plans to lower construction costs – while offering long-term saving and environmental regulations compliance.


New Home Construction Austin

When it comes to new home construction, Austin homebuilders see a multitude of benefits in eco-friendly design. A shift in the residential construction industry has focused on ways to integrate eco-friendly systems and applications into new home construction projects. Changes in processes and methods require experienced and knowledgeable designers and home builders in Austin, Texas, to save residents money and create dream homes that conserve more energy than they use.


Save Money in the Short and Long Term

Planning and making sure home builders in Austin TX use eco-friendly, sustainable materials and processes will save money throughout each construction phase. A boom in demand for eco-friendly design materials has made durable, sustainable products even more affordable.

Installing energy-saving modern appliances, multi-pane windows, and energy-efficient HVAC systems result in significant savings in operational costs throughout the year.


Eco-Friendly Design Choices Are Good for Your Health

Traditional and natural home building materials are often vulnerable to dangerous health risks like mold and mildew that thrive in areas that retain water and moisture. Focusing on durable, moisture-resistant materials will protect your home and your family for health hazards that can cause breathing problems to anyone exposed.

Proper insulation materials and installation techniques will help improve the air quality throughout the home and foster the flow of clean, safe air no matter what the conditions are outside.


Top Eco-Friendly Design Choices for Home Builders in Austin

There are many choices for home builders in Austin, TX looking to create eco-friendly designs for residential properties. Even small adjustments to design or construction plans can make a big difference in the overall every-saving effort.

Among the most common ways to create an eco-friendly design for home in the Austin area include:

  • Temperature Control: HVAC units used to cool and heat your home throughout the seasons of the year can make a significant impact on the operational costs of your home. Modern heating and cooling systems are equipped with energy-saving materials, and use as little energy as possible to provide a comfortable living environment.
  • Programmable Thermostats: Thermostats that users can program to maximize energy-saving properties are becoming standard for home builders in Austin. Heating and cooling timing and temperature adjustments can be programmed to take into account for times when no one is home. In addition to the monthly energy savings, efficient operations of your HVAC systems will prolong the life of units and components.
  • Insulation: Professional insulation of the walls, attics, basements, and roofs of the home will allow temperature and airflow control, keeping interiors protected from the most extreme weather conditions outside.
  • Windows and sliding glass doors: For far too long, the qualities of a home’s windows were ignored concerning energy efficiency. Today, the marketplace is full of energy-saving, double- and triple-paned windows and sliding glass door options.
  • Walls: Concrete exterior walls absorb exterior weather elements effectively to allow for better temperature and airflow control inside. Low maintenance brick walls provide a classic look while protecting the home from extreme weather conditions.
  • Lighting: Advances in LED and smart home technology allow for lighting options that can add spectacular enhancements to the rooms of the home and save a lot of money over traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Water: Eco-friendly water systems can help you save on utility bills. The installation of a rainwater harvesting tank is a great way to let Mother Nature supply the water you use for laundry and other cleaning purposes.
  • Electricity: Installing solar panels on the roof of the house can lead to significant savings down the line, but may require substantial installation costs.
  • Landscaping: Proper drainage systems and strategic landscaping and hardscaping designs can maximize the exterior space for energy-saving purposes.


Mistakes to Avoid in Eco-Friendly Designs for New Home Construction

Designing a home that is eco-friendly and takes advantage of energy-saving materials and processes can save homeowners money for years to come, but mistakes or miscalculations can also be costly and work to negate the savings.

  • Think Ahead: There was no way to anticipate the needs of today’s eco-conscious home builder 30 years ago. Design flexibility will attempt to accommodate unanticipated changes in the way homes will be designed and built in the future.
  • Bigger is Not Better: Most experts in eco-friendly home design suggest smaller design elements to save on the amount of space needed to be controlled for temperature and air quality.
  • Improper Insulation: Skimping on insulation costs homeowners significantly more than it would have to insulate the home in the first place properly.


Homebuilders in Austin Creating Eco-Friendly Designs

As the popularity and effectiveness increase for green home eco-friendly designs in the home construction industry, it will be easier and cheaper to implement energy-saving materials and methods. It is no longer necessary to go “off the grid” to take advantage of the benefits of eco-friendly design and green construction methods. Energy-saving approaches are becoming mainstream and will be the standard for all kinds of design applications.

Building a home with an eco-friendly design can be a challenging endeavor with high long-term value. Implementing energy-saving processes, materials, and systems will provide a more comfortable living environment for your family while saving on monthly operational costs for years to come. Homebuilders in Austin are making eco-friendly design decisions that are benefiting families throughout Texas.


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Pecan Creek Lakehouse

Pecan Creek Lakehouse

Pecan Creek Lake House by Verde Builders Custom Homes®

Gorgeous vacation rental on in Horseshoe Bay, Texas on beautiful Lake…Read More


Pecan Creek Lakehouse

At Verde Builders Custom Builders, an impressive team of new home construction Austin professionals design and build beautiful custom homes throughout central Texas. This spectacular Pecan Creek lake house sits among the thick woods along a creek in the Lake Lyndon B. Johnson town of Horseshoe Bay.

The modern farmhouse design from the new home builders Austin relies on fits in perfectly with the rustic terrain and lake life community. A large, gorgeous multi-level deck with a fully functional BBQ grill that provides an ideal space for entertaining or just hanging out and staring at the beauty of the lake on a lazy afternoon.


Horseshoe Bay Dream House from Austin Custom Home Builders

With easy access to all that the Lake LBJ has to offer, this spectacular rustic lake house features a wooden garage and front doors. Large old trees dot the back yard area that leads to a boat shed that will get you out on the open water in no time at all. A large swing among the trees lining the creek lets you rock back and relax in the shade.

The interior is a 4,000 square foot farmhouse design with natural woods, large bedrooms that sleep a total 16 throughout the home. The large, gourmet kitchen features all modern conveniences and appliances with capability for smart and energy-saving operational systems.


Experienced Home Builders in Austin Area

Horseshoe Bay is a retirement and vacation hot spot that exudes small time charm and Texas class. This quaint, comfortable deceptively large custom home situated in the middle of breathtaking woods and along the area’s most popular lakes for recreational activities is a prime example of the kind of property available from the home builders in Austin TX at Verde Builders.


Features of Pecan Creek Lakehouse

This Pecan Creek lake house is the perfect getaway that combines the calming shade of the wooded area near Austin and cool, relaxing waters that lead to the expansive Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. Features of this idyllic property include:

  • 4,000 square foot modern farmhouse
  • Comfortably sleeps 16
  • Large gourmet kitchen
  • Boatshed with Lake LBJ access
  • Game room
  • Large, multi-level covered deck with BBQ grill
  • Water views


Why Choose Us?

The central Texas real estate specialists at Verde Builders have years of experience as Austin custom home builders designing and building dream homes for families throughout the area. An impressive team of designers and builders will customize your home build to your specific needs and preferences. This Pecan Creek lake house is a prime example of the kind of quality work that creates durable, stylish custom homes that have the unique and special touches only an expert in the industry like Verde Builders can provide.


Get Started with Verde Builders Today

If you are in the market and financial position to begin thinking about acquiring or building your dream home, the experts at Verde Builders has the local market experience and talented professionals to help you. For complete information about the wide range of services we offer, contact our Austin custom home builders at Verde Builders today.