Pavonetti ArchitecturePavonetti Architecture

"We worked with Verde on a complex project with an out of town owner. Verde was very flexible during construction and consistently worked through multiple changes and updates to build the best possible home for the owner. In the end we were happy, the home owner was happy and Verde built a beautiful home."

Patrick E.Patrick E.Agent, Eitel Group

"Great builder and product! They really take the time to listen to their clients needs and build a beautiful home. Communication through the whole process is great!"

Viet T.Viet T.Home Owner

"Daniel Reeves and his team were more than amazing to work with. They gave us just about everything we asked for and more. Verde Builders helped make a normally stressful process smooth despite some unforseen setbacks. I would definitely recommend them for any homebuyers as their product is among the best in Austin."

Nic P.Nic P.Austin, Custom Build Client

"Verde Builders Custom Homes took my house plans and turned them into my dream home! They built a fantastic home with beautiful mosaic floors, glamorous chandeliers, antique doors, and breathtaking custom cabinets. Their prompt and cordial communication with me, the designer, and the city helped to overcome every hurdle throughout the permitting and building process. Verde Builders Custom Homes constructed a fantastic home for an unbeatable price. The final product is worthy of being featured as on Instagram or HGTV. I would absolutely recommend Verde Builders Custom Homes to anyone looking to build a custom home in the area."

Ely C.Ely C.East Austin, Custom Build Client

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience working with Verde Builders and their team. There are only so many times in life when you have the opportunity to design your dream house and to be a part of the process ensuring it turns out exactly as you want. For anyone who shares this dream, I can think of no better partner than Daniel Reeves and his team at Verde.  

Daniel encouraged me to be a part of the development process. His team was knowledgeable, guided me, and explained what I should consider when a decision needed to be made. I wanted to be involved in every decision and my involvement made the entire experience extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Seeing the vision come to life was so enjoyable and exciting.  

What makes Daniel special is he takes pride in his work and does not cut cost or sacrifice quality. He uses only the highest quality materials to ensure his homes build real value for the homeowner. The flooring (polished cement and real wood), custom doors, cabinetry, and landscaping (Daniel built me a custom vegetable garden with drip irrigation) are just a few examples. His houses do not feel like replicas of other projects. They feel like unique first-class homes. 

I decided to write this assessment because I truly thoroughly enjoyed the process working with Verde Builders. It was very much a fulfilling experience for me. Now after moving in to my home, I am enjoying living here more than I could have ever imagined. My relationship with Daniel and Verde was and continues to be a real pleasure and joy."

Craig C.Craig C.Horseshoe Bay, Custom Build Client

"I had Verde Builders build my custom home on LBJ Lake in Horseshoe Bay, TX and they did a outstanding job. The entire staff was great to work with and they finished the job on budget and on time. I can highly recommend them as a trusted home builder."

Dusten R.Dusten R.Cherrywood, Homeowner

"First of all, you're obviously getting a great home. The pictures say that much. The true pleasure is working with Daniel Reeves. With any questions or concerns, Daniel is quick to reply. He customized our home for our dogs prior to purchasing - Something I imagine most builders could not be bothered with. He's been in our front yard in 90 degree sunshine feeding fish tape through our underground cable piping and just this week was out in the rain troubleshooting our gate after a long day of work. He stands by his product and will continue to work with you several months after purchase. Great home, better guy."

Brandon T.Brandon T.Cherrywood, Custom Build Client

"Daniel and his team were amazing to work with through the entire homebuilding process. I had a large amount of ideas/modifications to the house that would have given any normal builder a headache, but Daniel was able to quickly understand my ideas and bring them to life. His honesty and general positivity made me feel confident the entire time. Through all the research I did, there’s really not a better product on the market for getting a reasonably priced modern new construction in Austin."

Circe S.Circe S.Austin, Homeowner

"Daniel Reeves was always true to his word and made sure the job got done. And even after closing, he was willing to address small things. How rare is that? I looked at a lot of homes, all new construction, and none compared with the quality of what Verde had to offer. I had an excellent experience on all fronts."

Cody H.Cody H.Agent,

"There are so many good things to say about the guys at Verde Builders in Austin. After looking at quite a few homes with my client and almost making a decision, we came across one of their new modern builds in East Austin. We noticed right away that the workmanship was top notch, and soon found out that the partners/owners were highly professional class acts. Daniel did everything he could upfront to make sure we were moving forward with a deal my client was comfortable with and happy about. Always keeping a positive, "yes I can" attitude is an understatement. He and Mark also both went above and beyond to include/construct my client's requested additions/customizations to our high standards within budget, and they met our highly aggressive deadlines in I believe every case. If you want a builder that truly has you and your wants/needs in mind, this is the one to go with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build, and would absolutely use them myself! In fact I may be soon. Excited to work with them again!"

Heather J.Heather J.Agent, Mayo Properties

"As a Realtor you want your clients to have the best home. When we found this new build by Verde Builders my client fell in love. They handled everything quickly and with quality work."

Yaniv T.Yaniv T.Ridgetop, Homeowner

"Few decisions are as impactful and financially significant as buying a home. While there’s no shortage of homes on the market, too many houses are old, bland, and suffer from neglect of thought and care. Life’s too short to be stuffed into a mediocre box. Your home should be an extension of yourself. It should lift you up and put you in a positive space. It should make you appreciate every day from the second you wake up to a sunlit room and walk down a radiating staircase to the moment you hit the light switches and turn in for a good night’s rest. It should be energy efficient, laid out intelligently, and be wired to be smart. These are the homes that Verde Builders Group conceive and bring to fruition. We bought our home in mid 2013 so we’ve had over a year to live in it. The house was already built and we knew right away that it was special. The concrete floors in the common space and high ceilings were uplifting, the floor plan was well conceived and made great use of space, and the construction was top notch. You could tell that thought, attention, and care went into every part of the house. The most prominent windows faced East, the light switches were well placed, and the floorplan was brilliantly executed with a spacious pantry, laundry area, and bathrooms put in seemingly without penalty. All these touches proved to make a big difference in our day to day lives and after over a year I can say that this house has easily been the best living space I’ve ever occupied. When buying a house there are often small changes that need to be made. We wanted to replace some carpet with bamboo flooring and Daniel was very easy to work with and took care of our custom finishings. We had an inspector check the place out and the foundation, roof, and all major components received high marks. The few odds and ends we wanted brushed up got taken care of right away. We wanted some help with some wiring and problems with a fence a year later and Daniel was very responsive in sending people out to help. Overall we felt very supported and taken care of after the purchase and feel comfortable recommending Daniel and his crew as a dependable group of skilled crafts people. If you’re in the market for house, do yourself a favor and get a nice new modern home. And if you do, you can’t do better than Verde Builders."

Beth M.Beth M.Homeowner

"Daniel and his team at Verde are the BEST in town to work with! Our home was exactly what we wanted - open floor plan, tons of natural light, beautiful exterior and outdoor living space. And working with his team was wonderful - very attentive and responsive to all of our needs. I would highly recommend Daniel and Verde Builders!"

Andrew H.Andrew H.East Austin, Home Owner

"I can't say enough good things about Daniel and his team at Verde Builders. This was my first time buying a new construction and despite all the horror stories I have heard about building a new house, working with Daniel was an overwhelming positive experience. Everything we agreed upon pretty much came through exactly how we discussed, there were not any big surprises during the process and in many ways Daniel went above and beyond just because he wanted to build the best house possible. It is rare to find, but this was truly a case of someone under promising and over delivering. On top of all that, the house is spectacular. You can obviously tell the guys at Verde take a tremendous amount of pride in their work."

David W.David W.Associate Broker, Keller Williams

"Daniel Reeves and Verde Builders create and leave an exemplary experience far and beyond their peers for all members of a new home buying team. From client to realtor, the interfacing between the process, product and the people involved is impassioned, authentic and extraordinarily attentive. Superior levels of materials and construction compliment all of these attributes.

Experiencing a Verde Builders new construction is a refreshing experience. The combination of architecturally unique and distinctive design elements and level of structural integrity far exceeds industry peers. Daniel understands that the product in the end needs to be something that has a unique ‘voice’ – the house captures imagination and instantly begins to stir visual spatial thinking within the buying team, lending itself to both the proverbial – “I see myself living here” – and – “Purchasing this home will avail itself to immediately trumping competitors at resale time.”. Why? Quality and exceptional design always surpasses production builder homes. Homes where the same floor plans and finish-out can be seen multiple times throughout the city, take second chair to an architecturally distinct Verde Builders home."

Kevin M.Kevin M.Agent, Realty Austin

"Daniel really knows his stuff when it comes to building in Central Austin. He is as honest as they come. He will really go out of his way to make sure that every detail is taken care of to complete satisfaction. They also build a beautiful product!!! I look forward to the next time we work together."

Paul S.Paul S.Home Owner

"Daniel Reeves made my buying experience in downtown Austin better than I could have imagined. He was accommodating to every request and stood by his work for the entire time I owned the property. I was so impressed with the professionalism of Verde, I used them to sell the same home when it came time for me to move further out of town. Again, the home selling experience went better than my wife and I could have dreamed, and the home he built drew several competing bids. Verde Builders, specifically Daniel Reeves, kicks ass!"

Liz H.Liz H.Agent, Austin Luxury Realty

"As a Real Estate agent, my number one goal is to satisfy my clients in their home buying process which I was easily able to accomplish through a client's purchase of a new construction condo in East Austin by Verde Builders. Daniel Reeves was more than helpful to myself along with my clients throughout the process. Daniel was not only friendly, professional, and easy to communicate with, but also went out of his way to ensure that my client's needs were met. Construction by Verde Builders are not only beautiful inside and out, but they make a point to build efficient properties. I look forward to working with them again in the near future!"

Anna K.Anna K.East Austin, Homeowner

"In two words: Quality and Integrity. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about building my custom dream home with Daniel Reeves last year. I am a first time home owner and dove into this project with zero preparation, and yet my home turned out fabulous - I have Daniel to thank for everything. First and most important for me was to work with someone I can trust, someone who has my best interests mind. Daniel runs his business with integrity, attention to detail and a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. On top of that, Daniel is one of the nicest people I have met, he was always patient and responsive, which saved me loads of stress. Throughout the entirety of the project, Daniel worked hard to ensure we achieve my vision while staying on budget. I have several friends who built custom homes last year and they had miserable and stressful experiences. I can honestly say that I would go through the whole process again with Verde Builders."

Jenna C.Jenna C.Home Owner

"Overall a great experience buying a house from Daniel at the Verde Builders. As a first-time home buyer, Daniel and his team were extremely friendly and accommodating throughout the entire purchase process. He was also very responsive in the weeks after I moved in for small touch-up projects. Love the house and highly recommend a Verde build! Thanks, Daniel!"

Adi B.Adi B.Owner, Doors 4 Home

"I had the pleasure of working with Daniel with Verde Builders. Let me start by saying that Daniel is not only a great builder, but he is a great person that stands by his word and work. I've utilized Verde Builders services numerous times and every time it's been a great experience. When it comes to your home you want the best and Daniel and his teams deliver nothing but. A+ builder in the Austin area."

Casie N.Casie N.Agent, Turnquist Partners

"Daniel with Verde Builders is the easiest and best builder I have worked with in over 10 years of real estate. The home he built for my client was beautiful and exceptional in its quality. The ability to have security, temperature control as well as the lights to your home at the touch of an app is such a bonus! Not only did the entire transaction go smoothly, he was easily available and happy to keep in touch with my buyer for any questions she may have. I am happy to refer Daniel and Verde Builders and look forward to working with him again in the near future on another great home."

Varsha R.Varsha R.Home Owner

"We purchased our first home on the East Side in Austin from Verde Builders in 2012 and we can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a well constructed, beautifully designed house with modern charm. Daniel is really friendly and approachable, and has been very helpful in fixing any issues we have had with the house. They care about looking after their buyers and are honest people to work with."

Kay N.Kay N.Home Owner

"We recently purchased a new home built by Verde Builders and could not be more pleased. Daniel Reeves and his project manager Mark could not have been more accommodating. Daniel takes pride in his work and pays attention to every detail he puts in his homes. He is always responsive to our questions and concerns. Daniel and Mark remain accessible and very easy to communicate with. The small details in the home make such a difference. Verde  included numerous upgrades in finishes and energy efficiency. I would recommend Verde Builders to anyone building in the Austin area."

Sarah W.Sarah W.Agent, HomeCity Real Estate Austin

"One of my favorite builders in East Austin! Super modern, energy efficient Green Homes. They definitely pay attention to details! Incredibly well thought out floor- plans. Best of all, their homes always have plenty of outdoor living space! Definitely think about building on the Eastside with Verde Builders, you will be impressed!"

Lisa G.Lisa G.Broker, Lisa Goldin Properties

"Verde Builders and Daniel Reeves are one of the most innovated, service oriented builders I've worked with in the last 20 plus years. The Lisa Goldin Real Estate Team has assisted buyers for over 20 years as a liaison between builder and buyer. Daniel Reeves has been a pleasure to work with and is an excellent communicator while managing buyers expectations. All of my clients have been extremely satisfied with their new homes."

David T.David T.Home Owner

"Thank you Daniel for your patience and willingness to accommodate our objectives. I am a fan of your style, vision and commitment to excellence."

Bob & Sherrie F.Bob & Sherrie F.Parents of a Home Owner

"Thanks very much for your diligence and patience. We very much appreciate your expertise and professionalism. We know Julian is in good hands!"