Heather J. Agent, Mayo Properties

“As a Realtor you want your clients to have the best home. When we found this new build by Verde Builders my client fell in love. They handled everything quickly and with quality work.”


Circe S. Homeowner

“Daniel Reeves was always true to his word and made sure the job got done. And even after closing, he was willing to address small things. How rare is that? I looked at a lot of homes, all new construction, and none compared with the quality of what Verde had to offer. I had an excellent experience on all fronts.”

Viet T. Homeowner

“Daniel Reeves and his team were more than amazing to work with. They gave us just about everything we asked for and more. Verde Builders helped make a normally stressful process smooth despite some unforeseen setbacks. I would definitely recommend them for any homebuyers as their product is among the best in Austin.”

Nic P. Homeowner

“Verde Builders Custom Homes took my house plans and turned them into my dream home! They built a fantastic home with beautiful mosaic floors, glamorous chandeliers, antique doors, and breathtaking custom cabinets. Their prompt and cordial communication with me, the designer, and the city helped to overcome every hurdle throughout the permitting and building process. Verde Builders Custom Homes constructed a fantastic home for an unbeatable price. The final product is worthy of being featured as on Instagram or HGTV. I would absolutely recommend Verde Builders Custom Homes to anyone looking to build a custom home in the area.”

Shane Pavonetti Pavonetti Architecture

“We worked with Verde on a complex project with an out of town owner. Verde was very flexible during construction and consistently worked through multiple changes and updates to build the best possible home for the owner. In the end we were happy, the home owner was happy and Verde built a beautiful home.”


Craig C. Homeowner

“I had Verde Builders build my custom home on LBJ Lake in Horseshoe Bay, TX and they did a outstanding job. The entire staff was great to work with and they finished the job on budget and on time. I can highly recommend them as a trusted home builder.”


Are you looking to design and build a state-of-the-art, custom home that fits your dreams? Verde Builders is the #1 destination for custom built homes in Austin, Texas. For many years, we have worked with thousands of clients to ensure the production of exceptional homes for both buyers and realtors.

Our mission is simple. We are devoted to ensuring the efficient manufacture of your dream home. Our versatile team, backed by our solid relationships with Austin’s finest craftsmen and contractors, will give you the opportunity to receive an extraordinary finished product that you want and are proud of.

If you possess a desire to move forward with the construction of your luxury home, please don’t hesitate to contact a Verde Builders Team Member for assistance. Otherwise, here are some ways of why Verde Builders is the top producer for exemplary, custom homes in Austin, Texas.

Verde Builders is the preeminent provider of custom homes in Austin, and we make every effort to live up to this claim. What separates us from our contemporaries is our commitment to offer and manufacture modern and phenomenal homes for our clients.

When you work with us, we will quickly establish a productive line of communication with you to ensure that you can put us to work to build your dream home. We prioritize open communication with our clients, allowing us to efficiently build your home to your exact preferences.

Call it picky, but your project includes your rules. With years of experience tailoring to the specific demands of our clients, we have developed an effective method of streamlining our building process for you to receive your finished home on your scheduled date. Heck no…. instead something like “on an efficient schedule”

Therefore, we value customer service and customer satisfaction as our core ideals. Tell us your dream today, and we promise to utilize our tools and resources to make sure it comes true.

The city of Austin, Texas is known for a wide range of things. One of our favorite themes of this city we call home is the architecture. From modest, ranch-style homes to more modern abodes, the residential scene in Austin is surely one to behold.

Our goal as the leading custom home builder in Austin is to create visually aesthetic homes that are not only compatible with our clients’ wishes but are also complementary to our beautiful city as well.

For this reason, we are both theorists and practitioners of diverse architectural principles and styles. Regardless of the style, you’re looking for, our team will pour in their knowledge and expertise in designing the home that’s right for you.

What’s more is that we pay careful attention to your design, while offering constructive advice and criticism into its practicability. While we will do our best to bring your beautiful design to life, but we will also give you a cost-benefit analysis that will inform you of your best options.

All in all, when you’re ready to move forward with your design, you can confidently put us to work knowing that we sufficiently possess the background knowledge and vocational skills to morph your design into an equivalent home of your dreams.

Once you decide to work with us, one of our main objectives is to keep you involved and informed throughout the building process. Our internal team of craftsmen, contractors, and staff will supply you with relevant information that relates to our core processes, our progress, and how you can build a home that is ideal for you and your family.

We realize that many of our clients have a premature idea of how the custom home building process works. As a result, we have seen countless blueprint designs that can be duly implemented but are in need of assistance to truly be designed in a suitable home.

Upon the first contact, we will give you a few outside tips on the best strategies to ensure the production of a high-quality home. Our team’s goal is to educate you so you actually understand how your home will be built to your exact specifications.

Without this information, it would be difficult to give you the home you’re looking for. Give us an idea of your design today so we can determine how we can transform it into your dream home!

Verde Builders has been and will always be a modern custom home building service. One of our main focuses is staying true to this motto, and we have built an unsurpassed reputation for providing new home construction in Austin.

As a professional company, we realize that we are what our clients say we are. Accordingly, we wouldn’t waste your time by giving you false or unverified information about our quality work. We have hundreds of overly-satisfied clients who believe in us.

Take a look at some of our testimonials from real clients that have received real and outstanding homes from our award-winning team.

Don’t take it from us. Our extraordinary services speak for itself. What are you waiting for? The door to having your dream home created is wide open, and our team is patiently waiting on the other side.

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