The story of Bee Cave traces back to the early 1850’s, when Dietrich Bohls relocated close to Barton Creek and founded present-day Bee Cave, Texas. The name of the town comes from the large cave that was swarmed by the Mexican honeybees from the area. Today, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the cave every year due to its stunning views.

It is easy to understand why Bee Cave is the perfect place for both families and individuals. Settled just west of Austin’s city limits, Bee Cave is a positive, well-kept, family-friendly suburb of Austin. The residents of Bee Cave have quite a few reasons to love the neighborhood.  For one, the people are very friendly and the neighbors maintain an active role in the development of the community. Bee Cave has easy access to airports and is situated nearby the local A+ schools. 

Downtown, you can find the library and the Hill Country Galleria mall, where you’ll find some of the finest high-end shopping experiences that the Hill Country has to offer. The mall spreads across 152 acres of shopping, dining and entertainment venues. 

Bee Cave has seen a significant amount of newer housing growth in recent years. Luxury Austin home builders are expanding the real estate market every year, with beautiful custom built homes.