Travis Heights saw its beginnings in 1913, when General William Harwood Stacy and his sons began the development of Travis Heights. The family began to heavily promote the area to the surrounding communities and cities. Stacy himself provided streetcar service to potential buyers, just so they could have a look at the area before the houses were even built. As a part of his promotional campaign, he would also give away Ford Touring cars to people who would buy a house on his land. 

Today, Travis Heights is a booming neighborhood in south central Austin. Its people are liberal, diverse and “hip”. The city is home to many families, but there are also young professionals, artists, and musicians that turn the suburb into a forward-thinking community. 

For those who love nature walks, There are two city parks in Travis Heights, Big Stacy and Little Stacy. For some reason, Little Stacy is larger in dimension, and it also features a pool, a fun playground, a few tennis courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a green field, a few picnic tables and more than enough barbecue stations. Travis Heights is packed with fantastic restaurants, such as Vespaio, South Congress Café, or Magnolia Café. 

Because Travis Heights is such a historic neighborhood, the homes are diverse and rustic. As far as real estate goes, the area is developing and emerging with plenty of custom home building projects. Although you may find a few mansions and small houses, most of the places are two-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalows.